Entry #1

New to these grounds...

2015-02-26 07:34:16 by EnviousBass

Guten Tag...

After lurking on Newgrounds for quite some time, listening to music, playing flash games and watching funny movies, I finally decided to grow some balls and sign up for the site. :) 

So... who or what am I? Well, I am a musician, a composer of soundtracks to be more precise. Primarily for RPG Maker VX (Ace). My songs may have not made it into a game yet but I'm confident they will some time. Influences come from everything I've played, I guess. If some composer has influenced me, then it was without me knowing. In addition to my original works I also do remakes of classic video game music (you will find those mainly on YouTube and SoundCloud).

Okay... I think this is it for now. If you want to ask me questions, do so. If you want to request a song for your whatever, then do so. Until then! :)





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