Be constructive!

2015-06-14 10:36:07 by EnviousBass

Don’t you just hate it when people can rate something without giving an explanation why they rated it that specific way? I don’t have a problem when people like something and they give a good rating, because good rating automatically come with the “yeah I like that” feel to them. Comments and actual critique would be nice too but are not really required there. 

But what’s really annoying are bad ratings without comments, critique or the like. With a bad rating people say “meh, don’t like that”. The artist would like to know WHY that is though, so they can improve their work. Otherwise this can be a hell of a lot discouraging. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

If you rate something, always, always, always leave a comment with your thoughts on the work. Be constructive! Help other people, artists in particular (and that includes writing, drawing, music, any kind of creative content), to improve their work. Artists come to platforms like Newgrounds, tumblr, etc. because they want people to participate in what they create and they pour their souls into their creations. The least you can do is honor that by leaving a piece of constructive criticism. It’s not that hard, just write them your thoughts, how you felt when you saw/read/heard it etc. It helps tremendously!

Oh and by the way… if you don’t like something because you don’t like stuff like that in general (e.g. you’re not a fan of techno but want to rate a techno song) don’t do it. Biased ratings are the worst. Stay objective! :)

New to these grounds...

2015-02-26 07:34:16 by EnviousBass

Guten Tag...

After lurking on Newgrounds for quite some time, listening to music, playing flash games and watching funny movies, I finally decided to grow some balls and sign up for the site. :) 

So... who or what am I? Well, I am a musician, a composer of soundtracks to be more precise. Primarily for RPG Maker VX (Ace). My songs may have not made it into a game yet but I'm confident they will some time. Influences come from everything I've played, I guess. If some composer has influenced me, then it was without me knowing. In addition to my original works I also do remakes of classic video game music (you will find those mainly on YouTube and SoundCloud).

Okay... I think this is it for now. If you want to ask me questions, do so. If you want to request a song for your whatever, then do so. Until then! :)